Thursday, 24 May 2012

What would you do if you had 30 days to live?

There are a lot of self-help books out there at moment. I may be a bit behind the times, but this one came to my attention recently; 'One Month to Live: Thirty Days to a No-regrets Life'. I noticed it in the editorial comment of one of the big women's magazines as I was sitting in the Dentist's waiting room. The staff on the magazine were asked by the editor what they would do if they only had a month left. This what some of the women said; “Stop worrying about my weight and get on a plane to the nearest beach.” “I'd fly all my family and friends to Ibiza and get married. Sod the diet and the stress.” “Stop worrying about the way I look, what I eat, how much I weigh ...” I found that rather shocking. All these successful and beautiful women were putting their precious lives on hold until they had lost weight! Most sad was the woman who was delaying her wedding, putting herself under huge stress to lose weight before she felt she could get married. Having only a month left concentrated their minds on what was truly important and every one of them realised that their weight/shape/size wasn't all that important. I hope that these women learned something from their responses to the question they were asked and that they will now take their lives off hold and do the things they want to do instead. So the question to you is, what would you do if you had a month left? Would the size of your hips suddenly seem unimportant? Why not start today as if you only had a month left and start doing the things you've been putting on hold?

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  1. Thanks Gretel for giving me an opportunity to ponder this question. If I had only 30 days left I would give away my iPhone and my laptop and I would spend my time with the people I love; my husband, my children, my family and my friends. I'd walk by the sea, talk, laugh, eat good food and drink very, good wine. I think I do too little of that and too much work. A really timely reminder for me. Thanks again :)

  2. I kind of had this scenario come up. My sister died from ovarian cancer at age 40 , and I had a recent health crisis and had to have a full pelvic ultrasound. My doc was concerned about my sister's history and how my risk factors all lined up perfectly. I'm a nurse and could tell that the tech was measuring different things and taking a lot of time on my ovaries and that it hurt like a mutha whenever she angled it a certain way. So I thought this as I waited for lab results for an ovarian cancer marker and for the Ultrasound results.
    what would I do? would I go "HOG WILD" with food. Would I eat healthy still? Would I continue to diet? I think the result was I wanted to do what made me feel good. Eating healthy and also enjoying treats, but not overdoing it. If I gain more weight and do end up having cancer or a life threatening illness, I will suffer if I just let loose and eat whatever because my caregivers will struggle. So I thought about this a lot.

    I'm still having tests and may choose to have my ovaries removed prophylactically. I am working at eating healthy. AM I perfectly on my plan And I'm trying not to beat up on myself when I do eat crap.

    thanks for the post.


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