Sunday, 21 August 2011

More about Maggie goes on a diet...

I couldn't agree more with Gretel's post. So all I wanted to add is to let you know that there's a discussion on Amazon which you can add your thoughts to if this appalls you as much as it does us. There is also a Facebook page campaigning for this book to be removed from sale, which you can like if you want to add support.

If anyone wants a book which offers a really helpful way of supporting children to have a healthy relationship with food and their bodies, I can very highly recommend "Preventing Childhood Eating Problems: A Practical, Positive Approach to Raising Children Free of Food & Weight Conflicts" by Jane R. Hirschmann Lela Zaphiropoulos.


  1. I cannot believe this book! I'm so glad you have bought this to many peoples attention and there is some discussion about it on amazon. You are saving many young children a whole lot of struggling.

    Keep your posts coming I always love reading them x

  2. Thanks for the encouragement Love Letters. The thing is unless we can have an impact on Amazon and persuade them not to sell it, we will not have made much of a difference. Many of the people who are supporting this 'cause' already understand why we oppose the book and why it is potentially so dangerous. And many people who don't realise how harmful putting their daughters on diets can be may well buy it, thinking they are doing the right thing. So, the more we get the message out there, the better!

  3. By the way....I was following a Polish forum on an experiment of Louise Rednapp to diet to be able to fit into a size 0 dress (info in English: She went on a 6 week exercise and diet regime and in the course of this experiment became a "thinspiration" for many young girls, encouraging them to anorexic behaviours.

    Most of Polish girls talking about it on forum have chosen the size 0 Louise as their ideal body.

    I'm shocked, not only with the responses, but also with the lack of responsibility from media. The same with Amazon.

  4. Speaking as a woman whose eating disorder started as a young girl, this book is a disgrace. It not only repeats every thought I experienced before a cycle of starving, binging and vomiting, but promotes it as a positive way for a young girl to think! This woman clearly has never experienced the hell she is encouraging young girls to put themselves through. The book should come with a health warning like cigarettes do nowdays. "This book may cause your child extreme mental damage and complete destruction of their self confidence"


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