Friday, 1 April 2011

New!! Magic Fairy Dust

New Beyond Chocolate Magic Fairy Dust guarantees an instant and easy solution to stop overeating and love your body.

We’re thrilled to announce that the Chocolate Fairies have finally found the magic wand. For years we’ve been searching for THE alternative to diets and we are proud to say we’ve have finally found it.

We used to think that transforming our relationship with food and our bodies had to be ‘experiential’. That the only way to make lasting changes, to feel comfortable with the way we ate and with what we saw in the mirror was to have a first hand experience of what that looked like. We devised clever and effective workshops and online courses. We trained Chocolate Fairies to run local workshops. We provided as much support as possible with our blog, our forum and weekly phone clinics and supported women to take small significant steps, mindful of the fact that it can be a challenging journey and that it takes time. Transforming the habits of a lifetime, we thought, could not be done overnight.

How wrong we were! The revelation came to us on day 4 of a health detox retreat we attended, run by this brilliant new healthy eating guru we’ve just discovered - but that’s for another post.

As we sipped our fermented wonderberry shots we suddenly had an ah-ha moment and our latest brainwave came into existence.

What is Magic Fairy Dust?

It’s magic! Our brand new method is
  • easy
  • quick
  • effortless
  • immediate
  • permanent
  • expensive (but worth every penny)
With just a sprinkling of our Magic Fairy Dust, you will transform your relationship with food and your body instantly. You will be in immediate and total control of your eating habits, eating exclusively when you're hungry and only exactly the amounts you need. You will enjoy exercising regularly and effortlessly and will love what you see in the mirror.

How does it work?

It couldn’t be simpler. Come to one of our Magic Fairy Dust workshops and let us do all the work. There’s nothing to understand. You just relax and sit back while we wave our magic wands and the Fairies sprinkle Magic Fairy Dust all over you. Transformation is painless, instant and permanent. You don’t even have to come in person. You can just click on the link below to download a one-size-fits-all dose of Magic Fairy Dust. The workshop is better because you get cake, but you can always go out and buy your own.

How much does it cost?

It’s a total steal at just £1,999.99 for the event and £999.99 for the download version. Alternatively, you can subscribe and pay us £19.99 a month for the rest of your life.


Click here to start today!


  1. If I round it up to a grand can I have the cake too? (And eat it?) Cheque's in the post - should arrive on the 2nd. Thanks so much.

  2. Sounds so fantastic, how I love Magic Fairy Dust!!!

  3. Since it is April 1st, this sounds like an April Fools Day prank. HA HA!
    Judi USA

  4. Hi Judi... you mean you didn't click through to start??? Try it and see :-)

  5. Nice one! But I wish it were true ... ;)

  6. Brilliant! Thanks for the giggle!

  7. ha ha - love it! But you forgot to state that if it doesn't work, then it's all MY fault, and I should sign up again and maybe pay a bit more, just to make sure it works this time :)

  8. I thought you'd both gone bonkers, didn't see an ounce of your normal selves in there. I kept saying 'What?!' Ah ah ah! Lovely fairy picture by the way! with the wink and everything!

  9. I'm embarrassed to say that I was convinced by that blog until I got to the 'Wonderberry shots' comment!!! Gullible or what??? The mad thing is, I would have been prepared to stump up a grand for the magic dust, maybe even 2 grand - just to make sure it worked!!!! :)

  10. Thanks - this blog post has helped restore my sanity and bring a smile to my face today. I logged onto your website to try and find someone/anyone going through a similar experience to me.

    After losing around four stone on an extreme liquid diet, I am now finding the weight creeping back on. I've put on nearly a stone in the last six months.

    Six months ago, I ditched the extreme diet. It triggered gastro-intestinal problems and made me so ill that I ended up in hospital. And, so, of course, my GP advised me to come off the diet.

    In these intervening six months, I have been working on my emotional eating - absorbing everything I can find on the subject and also following the principles of Beyond Chocolate and Paul McKenna techniques.

    However, the weight has, as I say, started to go back up - not because, in my opinion, I am intuitively eating, but because I am not. When I overeat it is largely because I am trying to mask emotional pain.

    In despair, I recently signed up with a psychologist/counsellor in the hope that it would help me tackle this.

    Today I mentioned how I was focusing on improving my relationship with food via intuitive eating.

    This counsellor is now trying to talk me out of this, telling me that if I 'dieted' once and lost the weight, I can do it again, and that I should go for a structured eating plan instead of intuitive eating. And then she tells me how eating chocolate 'all the time' just isn't good for me (I never ever said I was eating chocolate all the time.)

    I think what people like that fail to understand is that you can give me all the structured eating you want - but it won't stop me emotional eating because my over-eating has nothing to do with physical hunger.

    I just feel so frustrated because this woman, who is supposed to be in tune with psychology. I'm very tempted to cancel any more sessions with her. I feel I can understand the psychology behind over-eating better than she can.

    However, despite this, her comments have really left me questioning what I am doing. Am I doing the right thing? I think I'd feel better if I saw some physical evidence (ie weight loss) that I was doing the right thing.

    Thanks for letting me post this rant. It is my first time posting even though I read your very supportive blog a lot.

  11. Hi There. I felt moved to reply to your comment because we hear this a lot. I think it can help to remember that most women, even (or espeically!) therapists and counsellors have a troubled relationship with food and that most of them don't know of any othe way to deal with other than dieting. Having said that, there ARE a growing number of them who are familiar withe the principles of intuitive eating and who will know how to support you in a helpful way. Check out our list of BC friendly therapists in the links section of our website and read more about this kind of therapy on Sophie's page.
    You can also find lots if lovely ladies on our forum as well, some of whom have been on a liquid diet too. All if them know what it's like to struggle with overseeing and not one will suggest that you go on a diet! Welcome to Beyond Chocolate.

  12. Im sorry to hear that about your councellor too. I went to the doctors for help after years of compulsive eating. By the time an appointment came up I had already discovered BC & was an active member on the forums. I felt that I had done a lot of self discovery & chatted about this to the councellor. I was very lucky that she thought the BC way was a great way to go about things and dieting was not a good idea due to my past history.I hope you get the help you are looking for.

  13. Hi Anon, just wanted to say that I'm studying for a degree in counselling and your counsellor should not be advising you or pushing you towards doing anything. A counsellor is there to help YOU to work through YOUR issues. I would look for somebody else. She isn't only acting unprofessionally but also working unethically! Good luck

  14. Hi Annon

    I too would ditch this counsellor and find another. She doesn't sound very supportive at all and to tell you to do something which doesn't work is grossly stupid of her.

  15. Thank you for taking the time to advise me. I've decided to part company with the counsellor. It is a difficult decision for me to make but, hopefully, it is the right one. Sometimes it feels like some support on this journey is better than nothing - even if that support isn't the right kind.

    I weighed myself this morning and saw I'd put on more pounds. Of course, this sent me running to the food cupboard. I also had a fleeting moment where I thought about going back to the quick-fix extreme diet. Instead, I went to the beach for the day and tried to clear my head by doing some writing. I need to try and give this intuitive eating a decent go because what is the alternative? I simply will not return to the days of other people telling me what/when I can and cannot eat. I want to be in control of how I nourish myself.

    I'm delighted to hear the forum is open to all on payment of a subscription. I had thought it was just available to past members. I've now signed up and am awaiting approval. I'm sure the forum will be a great support.

    I live in Scotland, so can't make sessions down in London. Hopefully, however, I'll find some more decent support up here.

    Thanks again. A


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