Thursday, 3 February 2011

Why you should 'like us'

A while ago we wrote an embarassingly quaint blog post asking you to help us spread the word about Beyond Chocolate by sending out emails. Some of you very kindly wrote in suggesting we might like to use Facebook and Twitter and make it easier for people. Thank you! We have, in the relatively short space of time since, come a very long way. Nowadays we do all sorts of daringly modern things like  Tweeting, blogging and chatting with Beyond Chocolaters far and wide on our Facebook page. And we're having a lot of fun doing it.

Since we started blogging more regularly and talking about stuff that matters to us some really good things have happened. We've had more and more people take the time to tell us how Beyond Chocolate is changing the way they feel around food and in their bodies. It's inspiring and gratifying to hear all sorts of 'success stories'. We're also getting feedback, suggestions, questions and encouragement. It's great. What's more, every time someone 'likes' a blog post or a newsletter, their friends and followers hear about it too. More women are discovering the alternatives to dieting every day and nobody's sent an email.

So, we're going to have another go at asking you to help us spread some Chocolate Fairy magic. This time it's literally only a click away. Follow us on Twitter, and if you like what we talk about, retweet it to your followers. Become our friend on Facebook and 'like' our page and our updates. We've got a group page and a fan page. We post all the stuff that we tweet and chat with people who make comments. Stop by and join in.

We've started to start plot our new no diet campaign with the fabulous Amy from the Biscuit Chronicles. We will be putting together a manifesto over the next few months and we'll be tweeting and updating the facebook page regularly. We want to hear from you, your experiences and your ideas. We're not the only Gurus - we all are.

So hopefully this appeal will be a bit more 'au fait' than our last one! That's why you should like us...

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