Thursday, 30 September 2010

Weight loss and freedom, at what price?

Beyond Chocolate is pretty much the opposite of dieting in every conceivable way. Those of you who have read our book, or know anything about Beyond Chocolate will know that. Our principles turn everything you have ever learned about weight loss on its head. But it doesn’t stop there. Beyond Chocolate is unlike every diet and diet company in another way too and that’s in the way we run our business. When we started Beyond Chocolate we were determined never to become like the big names (and even the small ones!) of the dieting industry who make money by selling you things you don’t need,  fill their pockets on the back of your failure,  incentivise their reps to sell you diet foods, gadgets, books and equipment in order to make money and create entire brands of ‘pseudo’ foods which are overpriced and destined to leave you undernourished.

Our  Chocolate Fairies in contrast are completely free. They don’t pay us anything (save a small annual fee to have a page on our website and use our materials). Every penny they earn, they keep and they have absolutely no vested interest in you spending any money on Beyond Chocolate products. 

We are determined to run an honest, ethical business. We were so militant about this at the beginning that all we offered was a workshop - full stop! The way we saw it was, once we’d introduced you to the principles and you’d had a chance to meet other women in the same boat, you didn’t need us anymore. You could be your own gurus and take it from there. Then we realised that  many women wanted to access Beyond Chocolate online, that workshops were not for everyone, so we created the ecourse, ebooks and mp3s and it was thanks to you, our participants, that we recognised the need for supporting those of you who wanted to stay connected and wanted a little more help before you went it alone.  We launched the forum, trained some local Chocolate Fairies and created a range of ‘products’ - all of which we are very proud, I am delighted to say :-)

So, why am I telling you all this? Well, in making sure we don’t rip you off, don’t keep you hooked in for any longer than you want to be supported, we are very sadly running the danger of not having a viable business. The financial success of virtually every diet business depends on keeping you hooked in spending lots of money week in week out. That’s not how we want to operate.

We do this work because we are PASSIONATE about it and love doing it. We believe in it and we are determined to offer women a real alternative to years and years of failed dieting. There is a BUT though!

The fact that we are not celebrities,  that what we are offering has long term benefits which are not immediate or visible (no speedy weight loss in this camp!), and that by the time you get to Beyond Chocolate you have tried every diet going means that we know you are cautious about sharing your newly found secret with others. As a consequence we are growing very slowly and while we are ticking over, we cannot see a way to make a living from what we do.

We have been working every hour god sends for the past 10 years, we have invested more of our own cash than we have ever made, we have pulled every trick out of every hat… and it’s going well (there's a possibility of TV in the pipeline and small but steady growth) but we need your help if we are going to stay afloat and grow properly! We need your help if we are going to give WW and SW and LL any real competition.

It seems incredible to us that these companies turnover millions and millions of pounds each year for the privilege of selling failure and slavery and that because we lack huge capital or fame, because we refuse to exploit people and are offering something that truly makes a difference instead,  Beyond Chocolate stays in the dark recesses of the book shops and struggles to keep going.

We would LOVE your help to grow and you are the ones who can make it happen. The more women we attract, the stronger our business will become. We don’t need (nor do we want) to push you to spend more, we simply need to reach more people. In fact the bigger the numbers the cheaper we can make our products.

If Beyond Chocolate has made any difference to your life in any way at all, you can help. It will only take a couple of minutes of your time. All you have to do is click HERE and find out how to take part in our awareness campaign . By passing on our website details to your friends, colleagues and acquaintances, you’ll not only be ensuring that Beyond Chocolate has a long and happy life, you’ll be offering a ray of sunshine to all those women out there who are desperate to stop dieting and struggling with their weight and ready to do something different.

As a thank you, we have some gifts for you. Once we reach 1000 new sign-ups to our newsletter, we’ll be offering the person who sends us the most newbies the chance to choose a place on any one of our workshops in the next 12 months. For the runners up we’ll be offering Ebooks, CDs and MP3s. Everyone who sends even one woman our way will receive a thank you gift.

And if you would like to encourage more women to read our book, you can also post a brief review of our book on Amazon, just click HERE.

It’s time to offer women (and even men) real hope, real support and real freedom. We’re counting on your support and we appreciate it hugely. Find out more...

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