Thursday 12 August 2010

Success story: on being a member

There are so many clubs, groups and programmes clamouring for your hard earned cash, offering memberships and promises of easy weight-loss or get fit miracles. If you are gearing up to September and getting swept up in the "back to school, start afresh' fever, why not consider becoming a member of Beyond Chocolate. We don't make wild and unrealistic promises: you won't drop a dress size in 1 week and you won't get a six pack with 4 sessions. What you do get is a MASSIVE dose of support on tap. Access a vibrant and welcoming community of women on the members' only forum, work individually with Sophie and Audrey on the monthly Masterclass and listen for inspiration as often as you need thanks to the MP3 recording of the call which is sent straight to your inbox. 

Join us today and discover a completely radical approach to weight-loss and body image.

We interviewed Helen who has been a Beyond Chocolate Member for over a year now and this is what she says about it so far...

Q. How did you first come across Beyond Chocolate?
On a weight loss forum!  Someone on there described how she was no longer treating the symptom (i.e. the weight) but looking to cure the underlying problem causing the weight gain using Beyond Chocolate.  This resonated with me and so I bought the book to investigate.

Q. What attracted you to the membership?
The fact that I would get support from similarly minded women trying to change their relationships with food and their bodies in a way which is contrary to the way society generally dictates that we should through dieting.  The monthly masterclass recordings are an additional draw offering a different medium to encounter and work with the Beyond Chocolate principles.

Q. How has it helped?
I have had lots of support from like minded women on the forum who have similar experiences in their Beyond Chocolate journeys.  It's always good to know it is not just you with a difficult relationship with food that you want to improve.  In addition, it is interesting and helpful to hear how others have addressed the issues which you are facing.  The Masterclasses bring elements of the Beyond Chocolate process to life in managable sized chunks and the Q&A section often brings up useful ideas on how to counter the difficulties which crop up.

Q. What is the best thing about it?
The best thing about the membership is the invaluable support from others. The best thing about Beyond Chocolate is that it is changing not only my relationship with food and my body for the better - I submerge my feelings with food much less often and have learned to accept and like my body as it is - but my self respect is increasing as my Beyond Chocolate journey progresses.  I trust myself and my feelings more and in consequence I have greater self respect and expect, and receive, more respect from others now than I did previously.

Q. Why would you recommend becoming a member to other women?
It is fantastic to step off the binge-diet merry-go-round and experience life fully. 

You can become a member today and trial a month for FREE. Read more...

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