Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Drink yourself slim for just £2175

There is no end to creativity in the slimming industry. It seems some companies will stop at nothing to make a quick profit out of desperate dieters. Slimming waters, or if you prefer "aquaceuticals" beggar belief and defy all logic. What can be more 'slimming' than water? Simple,  slimming water!  The manufacturers of slimming water claim that drinking 3 to 4 bottles of this stuff every day (up to 3.5 pints!) can help shed some pounds. Yup, the ones in our bank account!

I often wonder what sort of people are behind products like these. I have this image of a few men in suits sitting around a table conducting a meeting which goes something like this...

Man in suit 1: "OK guys, this market is huge and female dieters are the only ones still spending at the moment. Nestle and Coca-Cola have already launched their own slimming waters and we've got to cash in on the act. Let's start with the name."

Man in suit 2: How about Skinny, like in skinny jeans or skinny latte...Skinny Water, get it?
Man in suit 1: Love it! Now, what's special about it? How is this Skinny Water going to help them lose weight? How are we going to get them to buy ours instead of somebody else's?

Man in suit 3: Let's make them flavoured, you know, we can use the latest super foods. And it's got to taste of something so let's make it sweet, but let's use sweetener so we can say it's low calorie.

Man in suit 2: For the flavours, so far I've got: 'Crave Control Raspberry and Pomegranate' and 'Hi Energy Acai Grape Blueberry'. What do you think? People will buy anything if it's got berries and pomegranates in it.

Man in suit 1: Excellent, I can see it on the shelves already. Now, what about the science, we need something that sounds good. 

Man in suit 3: I did a bit of googling and found something called L-Carnitine and Chromium. Apparently they help burn fat and reduce sugar cravings.

Mani in suit 2: Listen to this: a low-calorie water, enhanced with a unique, scientifically proved forumla to help you fight fat and suppress hunger.

Man in suit 1: Yup sounds about right. Tweak it. You do more research, Dig up studies. I want figures that support the claim. Right. Let's get the product into development and make a killing gentlemen.

Slimming waters aren't going to impact weight-loss any more than the bog standard tap water which we in developed countries still thankfully have free access to. Drinking 4 bottles of Skinny Water a day will set you back £2175 in a year. Save your money and come on a Beyond Chocolate workshop refreshing.

The Beyond Chocolate verdict? Drink when you're thirsty and go for the original 'full fat' version..

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  1. Brilliant, very funny. I love it!


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