Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Overeating: to eat to excess, especially when habitual

Compulsive Eating
Emotional Eating
Overdoing it
Over indulging
Constant Nibbling
Giving in
Eating all the time
Pigging out
Stuffing ourselves
Treating ourselves
Eating too much
Sneaking food
Eating in secret

 What do you call it? 

We call it overeating. And we can show you how to stop doing it - for good.

This weekend, 40 women gathered together in a London hotel with a mission: to stop overeating. Together, we explored new tools to say 'no' to food, without feeling deprived and without having to rely on willpower (which sooner or later always runs out). 

Every woman there knew what it is like to feel out of control around food. Every woman there knew about the guilt, shame and self disgust that comes with overeating. Every woman there had decided to stop. There was laughter and a few tears, many 'ah-ha!' moments and a great atmosphere throughout the weekend.

We were honoured to share what we have discovered about how to stop using food  to comfort, distract, soothe and numb ourselves with a group of such beautiful, intelligent, fun and honest women. Thank you to all of them for putting their trust in Beyond Chocolate.

Here is what some of these women said about the weekend:

"For the first time in 20 years I believe I can begin to deal with my overeating. I'm taking away skills that I know will help me every day in the future" Abby S.

"It was a brilliant, brilliant, brilliant weekend! I have been overeating for years but not been able/willing to stop. I genuinely feel I now have the tools and desire to change" Liz Sheppard

"It is insightful and rewarding and the best 2 days you can spend in the company of like minded, intelligent women" MJC

"An invaluable and unique experience" Kate

"it gets to the real nitty-gritty of what you want to deal with, the stuff that's so hard to deal with on your own" Claire

"Nothing else deals with the issues of why we overeat, or the how or looks at the bits we lose when we give it up. The workshop provides real tools, information and insights which I think will actually work!" Jill McP

"What better way to look at these deep rooted issues than to do it in such a great, supportive atmosphere with Sophie and Audrey who have been there and a group of friendly ladies who are going through it with you." Nicky B

"This workshop was exactly what I was looking for to help me to deal with my overeating – I never thought anything would be as important as my first Beyond Chocolate one day workshop but this feels like it will have just as much significance. The weekend was carefully broken down into manageable ‘chunks’ which offered a balance of moments of insight alongside practical suggestions and do-able next steps. The strategies and support offered mean I now have a clear plan to overcome my overeating – and no doubts that I can do it! Another stroke of pure Beyond Chocolate brilliantness!' Hannah

"Everyone was made to feel important, no matter how, what and why they overeat. The content was spot on and I now have some tools, techniques and insight that will help me get there. A big thank you!" A.B.

Given the success of the workshop and the numerous requests from Beyond Chocolaters to run a shorter (and cheaper) Overeating workshop, we have decided to offer it as a one day workshop.

9th October 2010
9.30am to 7pm
£175 includes lunch and materials

Save £25: special launch offer £150*
 * available for the first 10 participants who book. This offer will not be repeated and there will be no more discounts offered on this workshop.

It's so new we don't even have a web page for it. If you want to know more, have a look at the page about the weekend workshop. This one day will be a condensed version!

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