Wednesday 5 May 2010

Small women

Women in the west today have it good (or let's say better). We can vote, we can get divorced, we  have interesting jobs and can earn lots of money, we have easy access to contraception and we can ride fast motorbikes. We are so much freer than our grandmothers, and even our mothers. For hundreds of years women have been kept small, dependent, poor and uneducated, denied basic rights that were reserved only to men.

So it's all good now, right? 

Well no. Why is it that despite this freedom women are still being kept small - literally? The constant pressure to be thin, to look youthful and attractive keeps many women stuck in a never ending dieting  and body hatred rut. So much effort, money and time is wasted by women desperately seeking magic solutions to instant and permanent weight-loss, eternal youth and  unattainable standards of beauty. Instead of getting bigger, more powerful and happier, women are slowly disappearing. The more they starve and cosmetically enhance themselves, the more they look like Barbie dolls - lifeless, plastic, small.

The 6th of May is International No Diet Day. This is a chance to say NO - just for one day

NO to diets, life style changes and detoxes
NO to cutting off and reshaping bits of our bodies
NO to moral judgments about fat
NO to being small

International No Diet Day is a day to be your own diet guru. Tune in, listen to your body, feed it what it wants and notice how you talk to yourself about your body.

Watch our International No Diet Day clip: It's Disgusting! 
Warning: Dieting can lead to body hatred. Watch this shocking video of a 10 year old girl repeating the cycle of body hatred and self disgust.

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  1. I agree - women's fashions also conspire to restrict our freedom of movement etc. What is society afraid of in big women? That we'll finally take over and run society as it should be run?


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