Thursday 22 April 2010

Let's go on a weight loss holiday

Did you know that it's International No Diet Day on 6th May? There's a day for everything isn't there?  International No Diet Day is our favourite. INDD (as it's known) aims to celebrate body acceptance and raise awareness  about the dangers of dieting. Although I feel quite militant about getting women to ditch the diets, I'm too girly and pink to march down the street burning diet books and shouting slogans. A few years ago we celebrated with a Tea Party. Together with 200 Beyond Chocolaters from across the land we ate cake and celebrated being free from the hopelessness of dieting. We celebrated freedom from food and weight obsession; freedom from binging, comfort eating, emotional eating. If the idea of ditching the diets on May 6th feels a bit 'cold turkey' then here's an idea: go on a weight loss holiday. Start today and by the time International No Diet Day comes round in 2 weeks time you'll be a pro.

So what's a weight loss holiday?

Going on a weight loss holiday means taking a break from weight loss. It means deciding, right now, that until May 7th you are putting the scales away and giving priority to exploring your relationship with food and your body instead. It makes sense if you think about it: weight is the symptom. It is the result of overeating and overeating is the inevitable consequence of dieting. When we stop dieting and focusing on the weight and start taking investing in having a healthy, balanced relationship with food, something strange happens. We feel happy and in control about what we eat and how we look and we stop overeating. And when we stop overeating, we lose weight.  It's funny how it happens , I've experienced it first hand and seen it happen  to many women.  Somehow, when you stop focusing all your energy on trying to lose weight - when you let go of it -  it lets go of you. Literally. 

So join us on our weight loss holiday for a fortnight. If you want some tips and ideas on how to go about making small, sustainable changes to the way you eat, check out our 30 Minute Challenge. We've come up with 10 actions that take less than a minute to do. We guarantee that if you do one action for at least one minute a day you will have a much greater awareness of how and why and what you eat and you will be more in tune with your body.

You can also put a No Diet Day banner or button like the one above on your website, blog,  facebook page and in your email signature.

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