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New Year's Resolutions (Before Beyond Chocolate!)

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Before I discovered Beyond Chocolate, this is what my New Year’s Resolutions looked like ...

1st January 2000
New Year, New Millenium! This is really it this time – I will lose weight and keep it off. I’m feeling good about this and I know I can do it this year.
So, my three New Year’s Resolutions for 2000 are;
1. Lose weight and keep it off
2. Exercise more
3. Stop eating chocolate

1st January 2001
Well, a whole year has gone past and I did lose weight but it’s all back again and a bit more now, I’m afraid. So this year I definitely will lose weight and keep it off. I joined a gym a year ago but life got in the way and I haven’t been since March.
My three New Year’s Resolutions for 2001 are;
1. Lose weight AND keep it off this time
2. Go to the gym three times a week minimum
3. Only eat chocolate once a week as a treat on Saturdays

1st January 2002
Well, it wasn’t a good year ... I stuck to the diet for 8 weeks and I went to the gym three times a week until February ... I couldn’t always eat chocolate on Saturdays, so it spread to other days of the week and eventually to all 7 days of the week ...
But it’s a new Year, new Me: I can and will stick to my resolutions this coming year.
1. Join a diet club and get help with losing weight and keeping it off
2. Re-join the gym and sign up for exercise classes three times a week
3. Stay away from all shops that sell chocolate so I don’t buy it any more

1st January 2003
I’m not quite sure where this year went, but somewhere in it was a lot of chocolate, and cake, and pasta and cream and bread and I’ve gained a lot more weight than last year. I was just too tired after work to go to the gym or the classes and EVERY shop in the whole world sells chocolate, and I couldn’t give up shopping for a year ...
My New Year’s Resolutions for 2003 are:
1. Re-join the diet club and follow the leader’s advice properly this time
2. Buy exercise dvds to use at home – I can’t face going to the gym looking like this
3. Only buy one bar of chocolate a week and make it last

1st January 2004
Oh dear! 2003 was a disaster! I am now the heaviest I’ve ever been and I’m rather depressed about life in general. I just never found time to fit the exercise dvds in at home, there’s always so much to do. However, I’ve found this new diet that’s guaranteed to work and I really am determined this year to shift this weight for good.
1. Follow this new diet TO THE LETTER
3. Buy some smaller clothes to inspire me to stick to the diet

See my next post for Post Beyond Chocolate resolutions...

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