Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Meet a Beyond Chocolate Fairy: Sarah

Sarah Layton took part in our very first Chocolate Fairy Training and has been running Beyond Chocolate workshops in London for 3 years. In true Beyond Chocolate style, Sarah runs the workshops from her own home in North London and cooks all the food herself. 

I met Sarah the other day for a walk on the heath and a chat about her workshops. Here are some snippets of our conversation...

Me: Do you enjoy running workshops from home and making the food yourself?
Sarah: I love running workshops at home I have a really lovely kitchen/sitting space that opens into the garden and that creates a warm, friendly and relaxing atmosphere for participants.  I can have a maximum of 8 women which means we get to know each other and helps everyone feel comfortable enough to talk about stuff they wouldn't usually talk about with other people. I make a simple, delicious home-made meal and cakes which always get top marks in participant feedback forms.  I have great fun the day before getting it all ready so it's all part of the joy for me!  

Me: What's it like running Beyond Chocolate workshops and what have you leaned over the years?  
Sarah: I love it!  I get such a buzz from being with a group of women and talking to them about this life-changing way of approaching weight-loss and body confidence.  One of the things I've learned over the years is that there are so many women in pain over this and the size of their body is absolutely no indication of what's going on for them.  I also love that, for many women, this is the first time they speak about what they experience and struggle with to others who are not going to judge them or talk diets with them.  It is a very moving experience - for both the participants and me!  I get loads from it for myself too - there is always a moment when I realise I am talking about something that I have not been practicing myself lately - it's an ongoing journey!

Me: What's your top tip for someone thinking of taking the plunge with Beyond Chocolate ?  Sarah: Go for it!   You really have got nothing to lose and loads to gain!   It can seem quite challenging as it's such a different approach and, seemingly, counter-intutitive and certainly counter-cultural.  One small step at a time is the way to go and remember to appreciate yourself for each tiny step you take -  It's so easy to notice what we 'don't do' rather than what we do!  Rather a lot of top tips!!

If you have any questions you want to ask Sarah about her workshops (or indeed want to rave about one you've been on!) or training as a Fairy, go ahead and post a comment below. 

Sarah's next workshops
The 10 Principles - 1 day workshop - Sat 14th May (limited to 8 participants))
Getting Started - 1/2 day workshop - Sat 11th June (limited to 16 participants)

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  1. Sarah Layton Chocolate Fairy22 April 2011 at 08:06

    Audrey - thanks very much for the intro. I want to add something which is that I always have a most wonderful Beyond Chocolater 'Helper' who has volunteered to support me on the day. It is she who times, prods, checks, arranges and generally pulls together the food I have planned.

    So - although I do 'make' all the food home-cooked it is with the help of a wonderful woman who is giving her time in support of other women for the day and getting to immerse herself in Beyond Chocolate as well - it's a a real 'win win!

    If you have done a One Day Workshop and fancy helping out one day at my London workshops do please get in touch! My email address is


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