Friday 9 July 2010

Help! I'm going on holiday!

"Hi Chocolate Fairies,
I'm going on holiday next month and I'm dreading it. It's all inclusive and I seem to lose the plot completely with buffets and always eat too much when we go out. I'm pretty good at using the Beyond Chocolate principles at home but it all goes to pot when I go on holiday and I end up eating loads and then feeling miserable. I spend the whole time  battling with myself and not really enjoying it. Do you have any tips to make the holiday more manageable?" Chocoholic from Dorset

Hi Chocoholic from Dorset,

I know what you're saying. I remember holidays were my undoing. There was something about not being in my usual routine and feeling like it was a special occasion (i.e. licence to pig out). I also found it challenging having so much free food available all the time and getting to eat all those lovely foods I never eat. Nowadays holidays are still an opportunity to eat all those yummy foods I can't get at home and I occasionally overeat them. On the rare occasion that I do go overboard on freshly made mozarella or hazelnut gelato I thoroughly enjoy it and happily get on with the rest of the holiday.

Here are some thoughts on how you can go about staying connected to the Bewyond Chocolate principles on holiday. 

Buffets and restaurants are actually  a good thing and perfect to experiment with some of  Beyond Chocolate principles. 

Eat it because you fancy it, not just because it's available
At the all you can eat buffet: take a good loom at all the food that is on offer. Rather than go straight to the buffet to help yourself, decide beforehand what you really fancy from the selection. If you can, take a moment to close your eyes and ask yourself if you fancy something hot or cold, savoury or sweet, smooth or crunchy etc... Which dishes at the buffet tick the boxes? How much are you hungry for? Remember you can go back for more and can try something different the next day!
Stop - just once
Tune in before you go into the restaurant. Notice how hungry you are. How are you feeling? Ask yourself how you want to feel when you leave. How you are talking to yourself about eating out. Is there a part of you already planning to overeat. What is that part of you saying?  Once you start eating, pause often in between mouthfuls and assess your level of satisfaction. When you are satisfied, stop. If you notice that part of you trying to talk you in to eating more, find a way of reminding yourself that you are satisfied and that just this once, you are going to stop eating. Notice how it feels to stop at this point. 
I hope you have a lovely holiday. Let us know how you got on.

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