Thursday, 10 June 2010

The Rice Cake Saga - Do they think we're mugs?
Here's the reply we received from Kallo when we wrote to them about their low far rice cakes.

Dear Beyond Chocolate,
Thank you for your correspondence regarding our Low Fat Rice Cakes and Organic Original Rice Cakes.
It may help if we explain that these  products were created for different groups  people and for this reason  two different products were produced to target these different groups, one is made from Organic ingredients, and the other is not. Whilst the nutritional information is very similar, the Organic Original contains slightly more fibre than the Low Fat rice cake.
Thank you for taking the time to write and we would like to assure you that your comments will be passed onto the relevant personnel within the company.
Kind Regards
Consumer Services Administrator

So, I am I right in thinking that the two different groups are:
1. Those of us who are not willing to pay 30p extra for a product that is NOT organic and has 0.01 less grams of fat per 100 gr
2.  Those of us who are duped and don't realise we are being ripped off??????

Whatever next!


  1. Sheesh! I don't think your comments will get any further than the waste bin ... big companies are about relieving us of large amounts of money as often as possible, they're not interested in customer feedback ..

  2. I looked at the nutritional information on 'better for you' nan breads in comparison to branded nan breads in a supermarket the other day. The packaging on the supposedly healthier ones gave nutritional information for 1/2 a nan bread, while the other packet supplied information for a whole nan bread - the result was no difference at all in nutritional value. Even I know that eating 1/2 a nan bread will mean I eat less calories than a whole one - I don't need packaging to tell me that!!


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