Thursday 26 January 2012

5 reasons to get off the fence and go Beyond Chocolate

Last night I attended a very interesting presentation evening hosted by the Landmark Forum. Sophie wrote an interesting post about this a while back which you can read if you want to find out more about it as I won't be going into the why and wherefores of the Landmark Forum here.

Anyway, I ended up deciding to register for the course. I've been considering it for some time now but there's always a perfectly reasonable excuse not to and so I put it off, sit on the fence and promise myself that one day...

So, back to Beyond Chocolate. As I walked home last night I thought about all the women out there who, like me, might be sitting on the fence. Women who know that dieting doesn't work, who want to stop overeating more than anything else and yet somehow stay perched on the fence and resist taking the next step.

Are you sitting on the fence? Whether you've been thinking about it for a while or have just discovered us, here's five good reasons why you should jump off and go Beyond Chocolate.

5 Reasons to get off the fence...and go Beyond Chocolate

1. We deliver (where the diets and willpower don't)
It's that simple. What excites us about the work we do with Beyond Chocolate is that it is honest. We aren’t promising magic fixes and immediate transformation. What we deliver, over and over again, and what you will find at the heart of our approach is the possibility of true nourishment, the opportunity to take charge and make decisions about what and how much to eat and when to stop. We give women the tools to discover how they want their relationship with food to be and we show them how to get it. There is an element of magic in that, because when we are willing to take a risk, to go beyond the superficial, beyond the diets and the weight loss, we don’t only find the key to transforming our relationship with food, we transform our lives. What lies Beyond Chocolate is self-confidence, peace of mind and freedom.

2. There's no reason not to
Look hard enough and you will always find a reason why now is not the right time: I can't afford it, I don't have the time, I can't make the dates, I'm not sure if it's really for me, I know this stuff already so will it really make a difference? You can put it off and put it off and stay stuck or make a decision to just do it. You can even dip a toe in and test the waters before you take the plunge. Our membership comes with 1 month FREE trial. Meet other Beyond Chocolaters on the Forum and see what they are saying about it, download an inspiring podcast and listen to Sophie and Audrey's top tips and use the worksheet to start making changes.

3. A different outcome
How many times have you embarked on a new diet or vowed to yourself to stop overeating and have a healthy diet? How many years, how much time and energy have you wasted doing the same thing over and over again? And how many times have you ended up back at square one? You know what they say: if you do what you've always done, you'll get the same results you've always got. If you know that dieting and the 'just get a grip' approaches don't work for you, try something different and give yourself an opportunity to get a different outcome. Put into practice any of the Beyond Chocolate principles and we can guarantee you this: you will be a happier, healthier more balanced person.

4. The proof is in the pudding
Don't take our word for it! We have lots of happy customers who have gone Beyond Chocolate. Be inspired by the success stories on our web site and read more on this blog: How we measure success, How Elly went from hating her body to modelling, Amy's thank you letter, Liz's experience of a workshop and Kerri one month on.

5. A small step...a giant leap
We are big on taking action at Beyond Chocolate. You can think, ponder, debate and weigh up the pros and cons and that alone is unlikely to change your relationship with food and stop you overeating. Very, very unlikely. In fact we may as well be bold and just say it won’t. All change requires action. If you want a different experience it’s up to you to do something different, to take action. You don’t have to try hard, you don’t have to push yourself or force yourself. What you do have to do is take ACTION. One step, and then another and then another.

So, whether you decide to become a member, come on one of our workshops or the retreat, start an ecourse or download a masterclass - get off the fence and do it today!


  1. Thanks Audrey - its so true. That fence is an uncomfortable place to be and yet its familiar. I remember clearly the effort it took to get me to my first Beyond Chocolate workshop and to take those first faltering steps forward. I have never regretted it and, nearly 7 years on, am so glad that I discovered BC.

    If you are thinking of taking a first step and are not sure how then you might like to come to the 'Getting Started' workshop I am running on 25 February in London. It's a 4 hour introduction to Beyond Chocolate (cost just £49) and will help you pinpoint what is currently keeping you stuck and discover how to move forward.....If you want a different result do something different as Audrey says above! For more information and to register paste this link into your browser:

  2. The Landmark Forum is a cult, clearly you are unaware of this. I have seen its ideas and influence almost destroy a young man and I question your judgement in becoming involved with this organisation. It is, to say the least, most disappointing to see Beyond Chocolate promoting a cult.

  3. Having looked at your link this Landmark Forum look seriously dodgy and cultish. You can lead a decent life without all this new age baloney. It's just as destructive, money grubbing and useless as dieting.

    Why replace one cult with another? Nonsense like all 'alternative' therapies. Very disappointing

  4. Hello Anonymous 1 and 2, thanks for your input and sorry to hear you are both disappointed. I want to be clear that we are not promoting the Landmark Forum as a Beyond Chocolate 'approved' course. We haven't been on it yet, so wouldn't feel comfortable doing that until we have first hand experience of it. Same goes for slating it. I can say that I know quite a few people who have done the course and they all seem to have got a lot out of it. I'll report back after the course - if what I have to say is any way relevant to Beyond Chocolate! The Landmark Forum was what inspired this post, but really it isn't about that at all - did you read the post or just stop at the first paragraph?

  5. I have first hand experience of how dangerous Lamdmark is. IT IS A CULT. I am still live with the damage it caused in my family. The techniques used of shouting at participants making them feel very vulnerable, then 'loving' them (breaking them down to build them up),emotional hysteria being whipped up, the rediculously long hours, lack of food breaks, day light, even toilet breaks and then the shadowing (being followed around, never left alone )is all standard brain washing. People who do Landmark don't gain skills in how to get the best from life, they gain 'skills' in how to try to recruit everyone they can to do this course. At it's most benign it is pyramid sales at it's most dangerous it is a damaging cult. Do some more reading up on people's experiences of Landmark Forum

  6. I have first hand experience with Landmark too. I personally think it is a great course and worth the money and time. Unlike Anonymous #3 I actually participated in the course. Like anyone, I was curious about the critical things that people had to say and as part of my own research, I read a lot. I think that in most cases such as the comment of Anon#3, the criticism comes from people who have not actually done the course. I would not reccomend the course for people who are dealing with serious mental health issue, but for people that want to accomplish things in their life- I think it is great. Good Luck

  7. So, it seems the jury is out on the Landmark Forum. I have also done some extensive reading before making my decision and spoke to many people who did the course. All I can say is that i reserve judgement until I actually do it! Thanks for all your comments, I think it's always helpful to see two sides of a debate.


  9. I almost posted on this on 26th Jan as I was quite amazed you were going to do this, Audrey, but held off as it seemed wrong to criticise your personal choice. I had the same reaction to Sophie's post comparing BC to the book she was reading on the subject. There is no comparison. Landmark is a cult comparable to Scientology especially with its effort to identify weakness then offer a paid for course to 'solve' the 'problem'. Be your own guru!

  10. It is difficult to ascertian truth from people who have done Landmark Forum (and who are successfully brain washed and recruited)as to HOW and In WHAT WAY has it made such a difference to their life. They just gush on and on about "how amazing!" it is and how their life has changed and how you MUST do it, they even offer to pay for you. (The first fix of any drug is often free). One woman who I kept pressing as to WHAT was now better about her life could only eventually come up with "well I am now a better driver". A £30 refresser lesson with the AA could have surely done that!!!
    No, ask their families and friends if you want a truthful answer (as long as they haven't been sucked in as well!)


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