Monday 12 December 2011

A Fairy Wish: Web Wizard

The Chocolate Fairies at HQ have a wish and we'd like to share it with you.

We want a Web Wizard for Christmas. Our wish is for a wise and kindly web site designer, or  web site design company to appear and help us to re-design the Beyond Chocolate web site in view of our new book launch next September. The magical being (or group of magical beings) would be brilliant at planning, designing and building web sites and would have an extra sprinkling of fairy dust skills in online shops and community building tools (forums, blogs, member areas etc...). Incredibly, they'd also "get" Beyond Chocolate and what it's about so they would know just what ingredients are needed to conjure up a site that looks beautiful in it's simplicity, that explains exactly what we do and that is easy to run. All this would be delivered with a smile... and an invoice that isn't astronomical.

We have been searching Fairy Land high and low for this mythical figure but have yet to meet our oh-so wished for Web Wizard. So, Wizards and Wizardesses of the interweb, knock thrice if you are out there...


  1. Hi Guys, I know a good web designer.... I use Facemedia Group (Mistore) to design all my websites. Check them out at . Have a great Christmas. xxx

  2. Thanks Sonia, will check them out!

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