Monday, 19 December 2011

Fairy Wish Number 2 - Design Wizard

Hooray! Our last week’s Fairy Wish has been granted and we now have a wonderful Web Wizard on board. Thanks to all of you who sent suggestions and recommendations.

Now we have a second wish… we are looking for a designer to create icons and images for us for our new website.

So here’s our wish list for our ideal designer (in no particular order):

She’s a Beyond Chocolater who loves what we do.
Her idea of design chimes with ours.
She is flexible.
She would be happy to work with us to create all the icons for our new website.
She is available for an ongoing relationship - creating new icons as and when we need them, sometimes at short notice.
Her fees are reasonable.
She’d be happy to do some bartering (designs for workshops or sessions) and some work for payment.
Ideally (but not essential) she lives in London and could have an initial face to face meeting.
She is efficient.
She has a good sense of humour.
She responds promptly to emails and phone calls.
She feels excited at the idea of doing this work.
She’s available to start in January.

If you know this woman, or if you are this woman, get in touch. We know she’s out there somewhere… and we can’t wait to meet her.


  1. Well, I'm a designer based not far away from London, a BC follower, can read emails and talk through the phone and wanting to change the BC Website for ages (no offence). I would be interested in more details for sure ;)

  2. Hi Mymble. If you drop me an email at with your contact details I'll get in touch and tell you more. If you have a website or examples of your work that would be great too. Look forward to hearing from you.


  3. I'm also a design, but I'm a He, not a She. Does that exclude me?
    My wife is a big fan of BC, as are several of her friends.

  4. Hi Anonymous. Being a HE does not exclude you at all! Especially if your wife and her friends are fans :-). Do drop me a line at If you have a site or somewhere we can see some of your work that would be great too. Thanks Sophie


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