Tuesday 4 October 2011

A day in the life of a Beyond Chocolater: Emma's revelation

Meet Beyond Chocolater Emma, mum to five children, author of the blog Adventures of an unfit mother and sometimes plus size model as she shares her latest light bulb moment...

Yesterday I had a bit of a revelation. I met a good friend for breakfast and as it always does, the conversation veered towards food and weight gain and diets. Bearing in mind that our friendship was forged during a long stint in Weight Watchers eight years ago, this was hardly surprising. We also have lots in common-five children apiece and husbands working in similar fields. She's ten years older than me and has been through all the phases and stages of childrearing that I'm currently facing and gives me wonderful advice- like a big sister really!

However, while listening to her, I realized that in regards to food, I'm in a very different place from her now. Not because I'm now slim with no weight issues, but because I can no longer see myself going down that awful soul destroying diet route again. She's put on weight and is gearing up for another go at Slimming World again - but not till October until she feels ready to cope with it... A few years ago I discovered Beyond Chocolate and Geneen Roth and very slowly, tiny imperceptible changes began to occur. My weight has stabilized and I've even lost a little. (Even with a 5th pregnancy in the mix!) I've discovered walking and love it. I've accepted that I'm naturally a size 14-16 and (almost) stopped making excuses for that. Sometimes I don't see the changes, sometimes I fall back into old habits, often I forget to apply the principles, I still beat myself up and panic if I overeat. The most difficult hurdle, but ironically the most liberating has been getting rid of my scales.... And trusting myself.
But yesterday I saw my progress when I met my friend. Because she's in exactly the same spot as she was, as I was too for so long, but now she's nearly 50 . In a moment of pure clarity I knew that I don't want to be nearly half a century and STILL worrying about food and weight and diets. So I'll keep on going, because for the first time in my adult life I'm glimpsing a freedom and a peace that I haven't had before. And I want a bigger slice of it......

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  1. Thank you for a lovely blog post, Emma. I'm so pleased that Beyond Chocolate has been such a success for you and wish you every enjoyment with the bigger slice you're aiming for!


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