Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Beyond Chocolate Mistake Number 10 – Thinking We’ve Got ‘It’ Sussed

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Are you familiar with that moment when you’ve been doing something for a while and it feels comfortable and you feel you know what you’re doing? And then maybe you take our eye of the ball a bit and let it go onto auto-pilot ... like driving to work and realising you don’t actually remember turning left at those lights, but you’re here, so you must have done...

These moments can be a bit of a wake-up call for us – maybe it’s time to focus on the road ahead rather than creating shopping lists or ‘To Do’ lists in our heads as we drive. This can happen with Beyond Chocolate too, I suspect.

There may well come a moment in the seasoned Beyond Chocolater’s life when she begins to think, ‘Yup, I’ve got this sussed. I know how to ‘do’ this Beyond Chocolate thing; I can relax and head for the buffet!’

It’s a kind of reverse rebellion – instead of deliberately sabotaging ourselves because our inner rebel has raised its non-conformist head; we sabotage ourselves because we think we have nothing left to learn about our eating and our body.

I know that Sophie and Audrey would say that no matter how many years down the line, there is always still something left to learn, something to discover, something to work on. I don’t mean that to sound depressing – I mean it to show that thinking we can just stop and that everything will fall into place and stay right there, is probably unrealistic (and could be the work of a Gremlin).

Those of you that have dieted over and over again may well relate to the feeling of despair that gripped me each time I started a new diet – gone was the initial enthusiasm of my very first few diets – then I believed, now I know, I was going round in circles. The ennui that stared me in the face as I struggled to get to grips with another set of rules about what I could/n’t eat, when, how much, etc. Until, finally, I reached a point of no return – there really was no return to dieting, there HAD to be another way.

And so began my Beyond Chocolate exploration and what a ride it’s been!

After 3 exciting years, I found recently that I was ‘slipping’, not tuning in, eating because it was 11am and I always have a cup of tea and a biscuit at that time, and I actually ate sweets until I felt sick last night for the first time in ages .... why? One reason may be that I was working and associated that particular type of work with sweets. What have retained is my ability to recognise what it is I am doing (even if rather retrospectively), and I did wonder whether I had just come across Beyond Chocolate Mistake Number 10 all by myself.

I have been working with Beyond Chocolate since I bought the book from Amazon in September 2007. So it will be 4 years this coming September. In those four years I’ve trained as a Chocolate Fairy and run workshops helping other women to emerge into the clear light of a Beyond Chocolate life – and I wonder if I’ve become just a teensy bit complacent? I wonder if I’ve been cruising along a bit, not actually working on and with the principles actively for myself.

And so I bring Mistake Number 10 to your attention just in case there’s anyone else out there in the same position as me. Today I made a conscious decision to Tune In at 11am and, no, I wasn’t hungry. I was thirsty, so I had my cup of tea and monitored my hunger levels until I knew I was hungry, when I ate just enough to be satisfied and then sat with the mental dissatisfaction of not eating biscuits until it passed ... I think that ‘practice what you preach’ needs to be my motto for a little while now!


  1. What a coincidence! I had exactly the same conversation with my partner last night when I picked up my Beyond Chocolate book again. I've been working with BC for a while now and recently I've really been feeling like I've 'got it sussed'- I've arrived. What I'd forgotten is that (cheesy as this sounds!) it's not about the destination, it's about the journey. So I've decided to re-read the BC book to hone the principles; and this article has given me some much needed 'food for thought' in addition to the exercises in the book. Thankyou! Lucy x

  2. In my opinion, this happens with all 'diets', healthy eating plans, vegetarianism, veganism, etc, etc. You think you 'have got it sussed', as you say, you are happy with how you are eating, you are on top of it because you KNOW what you are doing, don't you? You have a PHILOSOPHY, right? And then - whoa! That biscuit has turned into a few, every day - and you suddenly realise you are FAT again! What happened? I admire the BC philosophy greatly, having read the book from cover to cover. Yet....yet....is it not just another 'way to go'? Oops! Forgive me, Beyond Chocoholics, for asking that question. I raise it as 'food for thought'. Everything you do in LIFE is all about MINDFULNESS (and yes, this IS part of the BC philosophy). Mindfulness is what meditation is all about. Meditate, ladies (and gents), and being mindful of what you eat will come more naturally. I so wish you well on your 'journey'

  3. I'm glad this resonated with you, Lucy and what you are doing with this knowledge sounds a very good idea to me too!

    Nothing to forgive, Sandi - you are approaching the subject from a different viewpoint and that's your prerogative. I can see why you may think that BC is 'just another way to go', in other words you may lump it in with all the diets and 'ways of life' and 'eating plans' out there - but one of BC's main differences, and strengths, is that it is something every individual can work on by herself and for herself and in her own way - it's very flexible and not at all restrictive. And I know of no other 'eating plan' which has the principle 'Enjoy'!


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